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Oct 10, 2021

The sequel to last year’s Halloween episode, Samantha, is now a two-part special. 

Also listen to Different Head’s Halloween episodes: Spooky, Midnight Horror and Vol. 75.

Track listing (purchase/stream links TK!)

0:00 Toto Coelo, “I Eat Cannibals” — Apple Music Spotify Amazon Music 

9:17 The Doctor, “Frankenstein”

14:15 Atrium, “Doctor Jekyll” 

20:28 Methusalem, “Zombie”

25:25 Methusalem, “Alien”

29:34 Babalu, “Bogey Man”

36:29 Monte Kristo, “The Girl of Lucifer” —  Spotify Amazon Music 

41:06 Emilia, “Satan in Love” — Apple Music Spotify Amazon Music 

44:17 Fancy, “Slice Me Nice” — Apple Music Spotify Amazon Music

49:59 Style, “Run for Your Life” — Apple Music Spotify

57:04 Yvonne Gage, “Doin’ It in a Haunted House”

63:51 Chantoozies, “Witch Queen” — Spotify Amazon

67:59 Helen, “Witch” — Spotify Amazon Music 

75:51 Goad, “The Witch”

77:55 Vivien Vee, “Higher” — Apple Music Spotify Amazon Music 

83:57 Vicious Pink, “Spooky” — Apple Music Spotify Amazon Music 

89:59 Oingo Boingo, “No One Lives Forever” — Apple Music Spotify Amazon Music

This whole thing is put together by me, Drew Mackie. Follow me on Twitter. I'm on Instagram too. Also listen to the Spotify playlist that inspired this podcast.

If you have a recommendation for a song you think should be played on the show, hit me up on Twitter or leave me a voicemail by calling ‪(970) 823-4726 — or 970 82 DISCO. I may play your recommendation on a future show.

Have a look at the official website for fancy people.

The original art for this podcast was designed by Sarah Wickham, who rocks. Check out her art and also buy her stuff.

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