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Mar 22, 2021

Here’s a different sort of episode. Instead of blocks of a few songs, each grouped around a theme, this episode is all based on a single theme — and it’s one big block. Have you ever seen Friday the Thirteenth: A New Beginning? Well, this one is inspired by that movie’s new wave girl, Violet, and the dark dance music I’d like to think she’d listen to. 

Track listing:

2:38 Monica Zanda, “Give Up” — Apple Music Spotify Amazon

8:26 BWH, “Stop” — Apple Music Spotify Amazon

15:05 Decadace, “On and On (Fears Keep On) — Apple Music Spotify

22:44 Stereo, “Somewhere in the Night” — Apple Music Spotify Amazon 

27:34 Psyche, “The Saint Becomes a Lush” — Apple Music Spotify

33:53 Zenobia, “In the Night” — Apple Music Spotify Amazon 

40:32 Martin Dupont, “Inside Out” — Apple Music Spotify Amazon 

44:49 Sensitive, “Driving”

50:50 Atmosphere, “Swedes’ Scandal”

57:01 Emilia, “Satan in Love” — Apple Music Spotify Amazon 

60:14 Neon, “My Blues Is You” — Apple Music

65:34 Three of You, “Grace”

71:46 Stelee Up, “Waiting for You”

77:48 Deca, “Dark Tide”

81:19 Louis, “Summer in the Dark”

86:44 Sensitive, “Don’t Stop”

92:32 Fad Gadget, “Lady Shave” — Apple Music Spotify Amazon 

97:17 Art Fine, “Dark Silence” — Apple Music Spotify

103:40 Pseudo Echo, “His Eyes” — Apple Music Spotify Amazon

This whole thing is put together by me, Drew Mackie. Follow me on Twitter. I'm on Instagram too. Also listen to the Spotify playlist that inspired this podcast.

If you have a recommendation for a song you think should be played on the show, hit me up on Twitter or leave me a voicemail by calling ‪(970) 823-4726 — or 970 82 DISCO. I may play your recommendation on a future show.

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The original art for this podcast was designed by Sarah Wickham, who rocks. Check out her art and also buy her stuff.

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