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May 22, 2023

This is the long overdue second episode of 2023, thanks in part to Tyler Sorenson, host of Different Heat, who reminded me this was a project I care about. If you’re wishing there were more episodes of Deep Cuts and Superficial Wounds to listen to, go check out Different Head.

Track listing:

0:00: Tapps, “Hurricane”

8:20: Marc Flores, “Magic Moment (Do It! Do It!)”

12:58: Tato, “Crazy Boy”

19:42: Man, “Someday, Somewhere”

24:34: Amin-Peck, “Running Straight”

30:40: One of Them, “Jump In”

37:28: Saphir, “Shot in the Night”

46:11: Camomilla, “Queen of the Night”

51:27: Rose, “Fairy Tale”

56:56: Louise Freeman, “Aa Ee Oo Uu”

63:34: Jane Hill, “Keep on Music”

69:31: Sky Creakers, “You Should Be Dancing”

74:58: Fashion T., “Dance”

80:11: Corps à Corps, “Images”

83:54: Copy-Right, “Paradise Is Half as Nice”

87:50: Stage, “Ocean of Crime”

98:16: Yes, “Owner of a Lonely Heart”

The episode art for this new run of the show was designed by Ian O’Phelan, but drawing on the the original logo by Say Wickham.